14th February 2016, Origami Classics at Beursschouwburg

Scarbo Quartet
Asagi Ito, saxophone
Pieter Pellens, saxophone
Nele Tiebout, saxophone
Bart Van Beneden, saxophone
Quentin Mourier, piano

Live painting : Serge Goldwicht

Program : Michel Lysight (1958 – )

« Alchemy » for  a quatuor of saxophones
« Chronographie III »  for two saxophones and a piano
« Chronographie VII »  for sax alto and piano
« Hitch & Bloch »  for a quatuor of saxophones
« Palimpsestes » for piano
« Hommage to Fibonacci » for two  saxophones
« Chronographie IX »  for  sax alto and piano
« Happy Birthday, Mr Darwin! »  for a quatuor of saxophones

A co-production Beursschouwburg, Mus-E & Origami Music, supported by Musiq3

Tickets can be bought directly at the Beursschouwburg of by mail (info@origami-music.be) and paid by wire transfer

Workshop for kids between 3 and 12 (8 euros/kid, booking by email – info@origami-music.be) Only 8 places available.

Free baby-sitting for kids under 3, booking is well mandatory (info@origami-music.be)

15 euros